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mGames - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Q: What is mGames?

A: mGames is a subscription-based online mobile gaming portal offering unlimited access to multitudes of HTML5 based mobile games to play online

Q: How do I subscribe or join?

A: Users join the mGames portal through mGames url. The url will be available through sms, Our Telekom Live and Facebook access. Once subscribed, Users require an active data connection to validate their subscription status, and play the games. Data charges are applicable to play games as per the subscribed package.

Q: How do I compete?

A: mGames suits players interested in peer-to-peer gaming leaderboards,
competitiveness, and social media aspects of games - they are short, digestible and points-orientated games for the casual gamer

Q: How much I get charged?

A: Daily $1.00 SBD
Unlimited access to daily gaming
Data charges apply.

Q: Can I play games with Wi-Fi access?

A: No, you can only access the landing page of mGames through Mobile Data. You need to subscribe via Our Telekom SIM to proceed.

Q: How often can I play?

A: Unlimited access to daily gaming.

Q: How to do I unscribe?

A: Click the unsubscribe tab on bottom of mGames portal or Call Customer Care to unsubscribe from mGames.