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“Telekom hem bringim kam world lo barava haus blo me.”

This was the sentiment of Chief Eutycus Nonga of Chu­bikopi, during the launching of the Our Telekom 3G service last week in Marovo Western Province. Chubikopi is host to one of the four newly installed 3G towers blanketing the beau­tiful Marovo Lagoon.

Marovo in the Western prov­ince now enjoys 3G coverage following the installation and launch of the Our Telekom 3G network.

The coverage area starts from Billi through to Matikuri Is, Chubikopi and Seghe in Ma­rovo and also Tetepare at Ren­dova and Putagita at the East end of Roviana lagoon.

This continues the 2nd busi­ness transformation project momentum which involves mobile expansion in Honiara,

 Malaita and Western Province in 2017-18.

Seghe was the host to the Ma­rovo launch finale. The Deputy Premier of Western Province Hon. Marlon Lopoto, Provin­cial Secretary Mr Jeffery Wick­ham and the Bishop of United Church for Marovo Rev. Sam Pedro were honoured guests during the launch finale.

Our Telekom senior execu­tives CE Loyley Ngira and CCO Arthur Yen were also present. Representatives from Churches, nearby villages, government seconded staff and members of the business community in Seghe were also present to celebrate the achievement. Black Wine band from Honiara provided entertainment during the offi­cial program and also staged a free public show at the Seghe wharf.

Availability of 3G in Marovo became evident as pictures and videos from the Marovo lagoon flooded social media networks last week. 3G will bring new business and learning possibilities for communi­ties in Marovo, Rendova and Roviana.

With 3G, commercial banks will now be able to rollout mo­bile banking to the unbanked in these rural communities.

 Marovo is a known tourist destination and 3G will enable better means for operators to publicise their ventures online. More possibilities also open up for Fishermen and carvers who now can just snap a picture of their products and reach great er markets through a grow­ing facebook based buy & sell trading which is fast taking off in the Solomon Islands. Edu­cation and learning also ben­efit as educational materials and learning & personal devel­opment resources can now be accessed easily on the internet.

A new 3G tower was also in­stalled on Tetepare Island with launch activities carried out on Vanikuva village on main­land Rendova. The 3G service serves the Wild Life research station on Tetepare as well as villages on Lokuru, Rendova.

Before the 3G tower was in­stalled there was no mobile service at Tetepare or Lokuru and it was very expensive for people to go to Munda just to make a call.

Now people on Tetepare and Lokuru villages on Rendova can communicate for only 99 cents per minute for calls or they can dial *155# for the Our Telekom Redhot plans and call, text or surf the inter­net without having to leave the village.

                                   New 3G sites

Mbili Island

Coverage for Gatokae, East Marovo and parts of Vangunu.

Matikuri Island also known as New Zea­land Island

Covers Vangunu and Marovo lagoon.

Chubikopi at Marovo Island

Coverage for central Marovo, New Georgia and parts of Vangunu.

Seghe Town, New Georgia

A new tower built to improve coverage reach.

Tetepare Island

Covers Lokuru, Rendova and New Georgia.

Putagita Eagon Camp, New Georgia

Covers Hopongo, Arara, Biulah and Rovi­ana lagoon.

Photo caption: Our Telekom Chief Commercial Officer, Arthur Yen addressing guests during the Launch Finale at Seghe.

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