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1.     What is IVR music?

IVR Music is a Telekom subscription service where you can listen to different music genres from your mobile phone.

Simply dial 170 and follow the instructions to get your sim subscribed to the service and start enjoying the music.

This will work with all types of handsets for all prepaid customers. This service is not available to post-paid customers.

2.     What do I need to use this IVR Service

You need a mobile with Telekom Prepaid sim and balance of $3 to subscribe to IVR music.

3.     How to subscribe

To listen to songs, first you need to subscribe to the IVR Music Service.

Follow any of this subscription options below to get subscribe.


On your Mobile phone

  • Dial 170 Call – listen to welcome prompt
  • Press 1 to activate IVR service

Receive confirmation sms for $3 deduction for service

  • Listen to voice prompt to select preferred genre song of your choice from option 1 to 9
  • Press 2 to skip to next song
  • Press 3 to listen to previous song
  • Press * to go back to list of genres
  • Press # to go back to main menu
  • Press *170#
  • Select 1 to activate Subscription

Receive confirmation sms of $3 deduction from 170

  • Dial 170 to listen to genres of songs available
  • Text START to 170

You will receive confirmation of $3 deduction from 170

  • Dial 170 Call to listen to genres of songs available
4.     How much does it cost?

You will be charged at $3.00SBD per 180 minutes daily for IVR music. Charge is auto renewal meaning that you will get charged $3 daily unless you unsubscribe from this service.

5.     What will happen if I don’t have enough credit?

If you are inactive on IVR music for a period of 7 days your number will be removed from the IVR music service. You can dial 170 to reactivate your subscription when needed.  It is advisable to unsubscribe after listening and to re-subscribe when you next wish to listen to IVR Music via the IVR Music Service to discontinue the daily auto-deduction.

6.     How do I opt out from IVR music service?

You can unsubscribe from this service using any of these options below.

  1. Dial 170 call from your mobile and select option 2 to deactivate this service
  2. Dial *170# select option 4 to deactivate subscription
  3. Text STOP to 170
  4. Call customer Care staff on 21576 to assist on deactivation.
  5. Inbox the Telekom Facebook page.