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Enjoy broadband services while out of the office.
Enjoy the serene surroundings at your hotel or resort accommodation venues and at the same time keep online.

Our Telekom Wifi is available in Honiara and in most of the Provinces.

Our Telekom Wifi - PlansWifi Hotspot Plans

Our Telekom Wifi - Hotspot Locations

  • Hotel Guadalcanal
  • Access Plus Apartment (RAMSI Street - Opposite GBR Main Entrance Gate)
  • Airport Motel
  • Honiara International Airport
  • Henderson Exchange Tower
  • KG Exchange Tower
  • KGVI National Secondary School
  • Telekom Ranadi Complex (TTC)
  • Red Mansion Hotel
  • Sanalae Apartments
  • Panatina Plaza
  • Naha Cell Site Tower
  • Pacific Casino Hotel
  • SITAG Office  (Tanuli Ridge)
  • Kingdom Hall Tower
  • Honiara Hotel
  • Victory Building (Opposite Central Market)
  • Rock Haven Hotel
  • Rekona Lodge (Vavaya Ridge)
  • Yatch Club (Point Cruz)
  • Solomon Kitano Mendana Hotel
  • Heritage Park Hotel
  • King Solomon Hotel
  • Kokonut Cafe
  • Iron Bottom Sound Hotel
  • Lengakiki DD Inn Motel
  • Telekom Residence (Tavio)
  • Tandai Heights Tower
  • Tandai Seafront Hotel
  • Telekom CTO Residence (Ngossi)


  • Telekom Office
  • Transit Motel
  • Micro Rest House
  • Choiseul Bay PSS
  • Taro Police Station


  • Hibiscus Lodge
  • Diocese of Temotu Office
  • Lata Community High School
  • Lata Motel
  • Rotary Motel
  • Lata Fisheries Office
  • Telekom Office

  • Mothers Union Rest House
  • Telekom Office
  • Rarasu Motel
  • Auki Motel
  • Telekom Office (Tower)
  • Aligegeo Telekom Tower
  • Kilufi Hospital



► Gizo
  • Fatboys Resort
  • Telekom Head Office
  • Sanbis Resort
  • PT109 Restaurant & Bar
  • Gizo Telekom Exchange
  • Jah Mountain
  • Rekona Motel
  • Naqua Motel
  • Telekom Radio Hut
  • Imagination Island Resort
  • KML Hardware
  • Gizo Exchange Tower

  • Telekom Office
  • Zemi Lodge

  • Agnes Lodge
  • Telekom Office
  • Qua Roviana Lodge
  • Ibibu Lodge

  • Raiders Motel
  • McMahon Secondary School
  • Telekom Office.
  • Tulagi Beach Lodge


  • Fresh Wind Rest House
  • FM Campbell School
  • Sand Beach Rest House
  • Sancristobal
  • Telekom Office
  • Diocese of Makira

How to purchase Our Telekom Wifi Plans. ►Mobile Users

How to purchase Our Telekom Wifi Plans.
►Laptop users

How to check your Wifi balance.

There are two ways to check;

  1. Using QR Code. (Mobile users)
    Scan the QR code below and it will direct you to the check balance portal. (Requires QR code scanner app)

  2. Check balance Portal
    (Does not require QR code scanner) 
    Just click the red button below to check your RedHot Wifi balance.

    ►RedHot Wifi Balance

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