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Our Games - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Q: What are the subscription packages for Android Games?

A: OurGame has the following subscription packages for Android Games:

1.Daily –SBD 3 (24 hours access)

2.Weekly –SBD 15 (7 days access)

3.Monthly –SBD 45 (30 days access)

Q: What Android phones are capable of downloading the games?

A: All Android phones in the Solomon market can download the content.

Q: What are the perks of being a VIP user for Android?

A: With the subscription, the subscriber (VIP) has granted access to all games in OurGame. VIP are also granted discounts for all in-app purchases

Q: Can I play my Android Games even if I do not have data?

A: Most of Games(Excluding In-app Purchase Games)no need internet connection active either via wifi or via mobile data.

Q: How much are the prices for Pay per Download (PPD) Android Games?

A: Users can purchase regular Android games. User can play the purchased PPD game even if the user is not a VIP Club member .The price of PPD game ranges from SDB 3.00 to SDB 8.00.

Q: How much are the prices for In-Application Games (IAP) for Android?

A: Users can purchase equipment or coins in IAP games, the cost ranges from SDB 1.00 to SDB 5.00.

Q: What are the opt-in SMS keywords to subscribe for the different packages for Android?

A: Users can also opt in VIP via SMS:

1.ONGD - Daily

2.ONGW - Weekly

3.ONGM - Monthly

Q: What is the process for opting out?

A: Users can opt-out via SMS by just texting:

  1. STOP - Stop all VIP Club
Q: How to download the OurGame App?

A: Open the mobile web browser, enter Android Game Mobile Web Portal URL (http://www.ourgame.com.sb), and click the bottom to download the Android OurGame App

Q: What time is the start and end time for access for Daily, Weekly and Monthly packages?

A: User will have access to the games for 24 hours for Daily, 7 days for Weekly and 30 days for Monthly. The time starts at the moment of the VIP Join operation.

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