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Vacancy Title: Assistant Internal Auditor

Reports To (Position): Manager Internal Audit, Risk & Compliance 

Section/Department: Internal Audit – Corporate Department

Position Purpose: To act as an oversight function of the company by performing audit activities in accordance with Internal Audit Annual Business Plans and to provide with assurance that the appropriate level of internal control exists to safeguard and protects company interest and maintain operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Number of position available: 1

Application Contact Information: To submit an application for further information on the position, send your application via email, recruitment@telekom.com.sb with the subject “Assistant Internal Auditor” or by mail to the address noted below before or by Friday 22nd February 2019. You can also contact by phone on +677 43350 or 43502.

“Assistant Internal Auditor”

Head of HR & Support Services

Solomon Telekom Company Limited

P.O Box 148

Honiara, Solomon Islands

Vacancy Location: Honiara, Solomon Islands

Competency Required (skills, knowledge & experience):

  • Knowledge of IIA standards on internal audit.
  • Good working knowledge of Accounting standards and has the ability to analyse and interpret data.
  • Strong ability to identify weaknesses in internal controls and associated risks.
  • Ability to make objective, independent and value adding adjustments and conclusions
  • Result oriented and able to motivate team to produce quality output.
  • Enthusiastic, cooperative and has positive behaviour, analyse and interpret data.



  • To perform audit activities on all company departments including outstations in accordance with annual Audit Business Plan.
  • Compile reports on audit findings and recommendations that are supported by facts, evidence for action and implementation.
  • Provide clear and technically correct explanation to each audit findings.
  • Identify control weaknesses and report to MIARC.
  • Perform a follow up test and review on company policies and procedures to ensure they are updated and followed.
  • Any other duties as required by MIARC.


  • Reporting to MIARC.
  • Weekly/monthly updates on audit activities.
  • Good relationship with those she/he in contacts with.


  • Monitoring and review of the Obligation Registers.
  • Monitoring of audit recommendations thru Audit tracker.
  • Follow up audit on external auditor report on issues identified and highlighted.


  • Established good working relationship with staff/departments during audit.
  • Information gathering is forthcoming and obtained with ease and are reliable.
  • Recommendations are accepted and implemented by staff.

Qualifications Required: Diploma/Bachelor Degree (Accounting/Business) from a recognised university. Certified Internal Audit would be an advantage.

Closing Date: Friday 22nd February 2019.