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4G+LTE Goes Provincial

Noro first to experience high-speed mobile broadband service as Our Telekom gears up to expand 4G+LTE network to the Provinces

With an ever-increasing demand for data and high-speed internet access, network modernization has become key for Our Telekom to continue offering the best experience for its customers.

Our Telekom customers in Noro will soon experience next-generation 4G LTE as hardware installation work has been completed with final software configurations underway with anticipated online anytime soon, meaning Noro will now enjoy a more seamless high-speed mobile broadband experience while on the go.

This tremendous leap in service delivery to our Provinces is just the beginning as 4G+LTE installation work for Gizo, Munda and Auki is also underway.

These upgrades will also see an increase in data allotments for all Redhot standard mobile prepaid data plans, meaning more video and music streaming, gaming, networking, and doing business at higher speeds. 

From a development perspective, this will enable business, educational and health programs in both the public and private sectors to expand their reach through quality and fast mobile data access. 

3G Expansion in the Province 

Meanwhile, towards the east, civil works on four 3G cell sites in Makira nears completion with the last site set to be completed by the second week of November.

In other developments, civil works on key 3G cell sites in Choiseul Province will commence in November with completion scheduled for December/January.

This is part of Our Telekom’s Second Business Transformation Project, aimed to fully extend our national reach through 3G upgrades delivering voice and Internet to our islands.

Our Telekom is committed to ensuring all segments of our people are able to participate and benefit from fast and reliable Internet access. We continue to invest millions of dollars in communication infrastructure and upgrades, to connect our Islands, towns, and far-flung communities across our nation.

The arrival of the submarine fibre optic cable promises to enhance the mobile Internet experience and open up new exciting opportunities that would revolutionize how we work, do business and live.

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