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Guadalcanal Province Celebrates Second Appointed Day with Two-Week Mini-Tradeshow Featuring Cutting-Edge Mobile Connectivity

On Friday, the 28th of July, Guadalcanal Province launched a 5 day mini-Tradeshow which ended on Tuesday 1st August with the commemoration of its Second Appointed Day celebrations at the Mamara Development Limited site.

The event, scheduled from 28th July to 1st August, brought together businesses, organizations, and individuals from various industries to showcase their innovative products and services.

One of the key highlights of the event was the participation and assistance of Our Telekom, who played a crucial role in enhancing the celebrations with a mobile connectivity solution.

As part of Our Telekom support, a Huawei 3G & 4G solution, known as Easy Macro 3G/4G LTE Technology solution, was deployed at the Mamara site. This advanced mobile solution presented a more compact setup compared to the typical Macro sites deployed in most locations.

The macro-link has been providing an exceptional boost to 3G and 4G connectivity to numerous villages and surrounding communities, including parts of Kakabona, Poha, and Bonege throughout the entire duration of the program. Telekom customers residing in these areas are experiencing excellent 3G voice quality and seamless mobile internet services, enriching their experience at the Second Appointed Day celebrations.

The presence of this macro-link adds a positive experience to the already exciting Mini-Tradeshow, as visitors do not only explore an impressive range of products and services but are also offered the experience of enhanced mobile connectivity.

Submarine Cable Restored

Our Telekom services to Malaita, Western and Choiseul Province have been restored back via the submarine fibre cable on Wednesday the 26th July, ensuring the restoration of customer experience for their telecommunication services. Our Telekom wishes to thank all valued customers for your patience and understanding during this period of the domestic submarine cable downtime.

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