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Our Telekom continues to build telecommunication infrastructure in Honiara & the rural areas

Telecommunication infrastructure investment in the Solomon Islands requires significant capital. Further, the geographical make-up of the islands contributes significantly to high logistic costs in infrastructure build.

On top of that, land disputes for telecommunication developments do hinder providing services to rural communities. Despite these real challenges, communication amongst rural communities, changes in how people do business amongst themselves, and the increase in social networks resulted in high demands for mobile telephony and the internet.

Our Telekom currently has the Biggest Mobile Network with the widest coverage in the Solomon Islands since the introduction of its digital mobile telephony services in 2003. Its mobile network covers the nine (9) major provincial towns & rural areas, and the most remote rural locations such as Tikopia and Ontong Java. Our Telekom is the only mobile operator that has mobile services in all the provincial towns.

As part of our ongoing Mobile Network expansion in Honiara & the rural areas, we have implemented one of our major projects dubbed the 2nd Business Transformation Project in May 2017.

"It is true it is expensive but our geography will not change. By building the infrastructure it will provide the foundation for development where economic progress follows," says Loyley Ngira – Our Telekom Chief Executive. 

With the 2nd Business Transformation project in 2017 and 2018, the first phase of the project will include Our Telekom delivering the 4G+LTE on ten (10) sites in Honiara to improve customer experience in mobile data. New 3G sites are also built in Honiara which includes Zion and Papaho. Other mobile capacity upgrades are also included to existing sites in Honiara.

In the Western region, 3G services were deployed at Bava, Maravari and Gizo (Mile 6). These sites will extend 3G mobile coverage to Vella La Vella, Ranogga, Kolobangara and western part of Gizo town.

Currently, the first phase of the project is in progress which mostly consisted of Honiara, Western and Malaita Province and expected to be complete by end of the year. The second phase is planned for completion in December 2018.

Our Telekom Chief Executive - Loyley Ngira stated that with the 4G+LTE mobile network soon to be launched in Honiara and the 3G network expansion in the rural areas, it is the vision of the company to be the Leading Trusted Innovative Supplier of Choice for affordable telecommunications in the Solomon Islands, ensuring all Solomon Islanders have access to fast internet service wherever they require it.

"Our Telekom is determined to build a first class network for all Solomon Islanders in connecting our islands and our future," says Mr. Ngira.


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