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Our Telekom is pleased to inform the public and especially people from Malaita that North and East Malaita can now access data through their mobile phones.

This accessibility allows people in these areas to share and receive information and to stay connected with family in other provinces, Honiara and even overseas through data access applications.

Access to data means access to the internet and people from North and East Malaita can now go on Facebook, Google, Gmail and other internet applications on their smart or android phones and connect with the outside world.

Moreover access to data opens a lot more opportunities for people in remote areas. People can gain access to internet banking, information on weather and natural disasters, news both locally and internationally.

Previously this was not possible due to the limitations in bandwidth over satellite.  Telekom Engineers installed a micro link which now gives access to data in these areas. Work was carried out and completed at the end of April.

Our Telekom Engineers during April also worked tirelessly to upgrade and improve the Telekom Network in Auki and surrounding areas for better quality reception and internet access.

In Auki town an increase in 3G capacity and an additional boost in 2G is now in operation. The boost in 2G and 3G is due to the installation of a 2nd site which was completed and came into operation on 21 April 2016. The 2nd site is located at the Telekom Office compound

In addition to these improvements for Auki, the existing GSM transmission was migrated from satellite to microwave link, also improving the 3G capacity in that area especially for data access.

Similar improvements are currently underway for the Southern parts of Malaita. People from South Malaita will soon be able to access the same data services that those from the North and East Malaita regions can.

Our Telekom remains to be the largest quality network service by consistently working hard to improve its services and coverage in the country.

Image: New Tower at Auki Our Telekom Compound

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