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The annual festive season is upon us, and I take this opportunity to thank all of you for your hard work and commitment over the past year.

We celebrate this time of year in many different and unique ways, depending on our cultures, traditions and beliefs. I hope that for all of you, it is a time for relaxing with family and friends, reflecting on our many blessings enjoyed. And do stay safe.

2017 will go down as the year of our Second Business Transformation (the first being 2009), positioning Our Telekom as a 100% locally owned company determined to succeed in delivering excellent service with the necessary investment in state of the art technology. 

This year we launched 4G+LTE network to the marketplace in Honiara, another first for Solomon Islands. Like any new product it brought its fair share of challenges but we have worked through these methodically to ensure that we deliver a product that we are proud to stand behind. It has certainly demonstrated Our Telekom as Leading the Industry in Solomon Islands.

As I reflect on the successes and challenges of the past year, I find it very helpful to put into perspective the progress we have made. It gives me great confidence in our future. Success does not come easily and with your support we can grow. 

Also, with your continued commitment to our core values of Excellence, Teamwork, Honesty, Integrity, Commitment and Sincerity, we can welcome the new year, where we strive to achieve our vision to be the leading trusted innovative supplier of choice for affordable telecommunications in the Solomon Islands; ensuring all Solomon Islands have access to fast internet and mobile services wherever they require it.

Connecting Our People is a real undertaking for Our Telekom as it unites our country and every single one of us is contributing to achieve this.

If there is one community responsibility I’d like our colleague males to adopt and practice this festive season, then I urge you to “stamp out domestic violence against girls and women”!

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to thank the entire staff across the country for your unwavering commitment in doing your jobs, and I wish each of you and your families a joyful, peaceful, blessed Christmas 2017 and a prosperous New Year 2018.

 Loyley Ngira

Chief Executive

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