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COVID-19 Information

Our Telekom have recently installed full broadband Internet with both fixed and Wifi access and telephone system for the border Police posts at Harapa, Kulitanai and Kariki in the Shortland and Fauro Islands at the SI-Bougainville border. This is part of Our Telekom’s ongoing support towards the National covid 19 preparedness especially for provision of both Internet and telephone capabilities at the border.The border Internet and Telephone installation is a joint project between SIGICT division and Our Telekom. The three border posts can now access fast broadband Internet and are connect to the Solomon Islands government network as well as public Internet. The Police personnel at the border outposts can also use apps on their mobile for voice or messaging over the Internet. Each Police post also have a fixedline telephone that is connected to the nationwide Telekom fixedline network as well as ability to call any mobile service in the country. In addition to the technical hardware installations, Our Telekom is also providing the bandwidth used for Internet free of charge.


Already the services have proven their worth as the public now have a number to call when in times of distress. This was wonderfully demonstrated when a call was received on the new fixline telephone last week alerting the Kulitanai border Police of an outboard motor canoe in distress. A search and rescue team was quickly deployed and 11 people were saved.

The border Police posts encourage the community in the Shortland area to call the Police numbers for assistance or to help with dispersing information related to border crossings that will help the Police and other law enforcement agencies that are currently stationed at the three border outposts.

Our Telekom have provided Free fast Internet broadband for the National Hospital emergency Operation Center in Honiara, provision of the Covid 19 115 toll-free information line for public to get up to date and genuine information, provision of SMS blast services for the MHMS, RSIPF and Seif Ples for the dissemination of information to the public, donated mobile phones to the Ministry of Aviation and Communication and also have released the Redhot Freewan bundle, giving prepaid customers free 1GB data, 1 hour voice and 100 SMS.

Our Telekom continues to assist the National Covid 19 preparedness effort with the border Police outposts Internet and telephony service as its new addition to our ongoing assistance to the Nation in our fight against the Covid 19 threat.

The numbers at the border police posts are;

Station Name             Number

HARAPA Station         44129

KARIKI Station            44128

KULITANAI Station     44127

Kariki Police post sporting the recently installed Internet dish. Manning the border post; (standing L-R) Sgt Trevor Leo, PC Michael Ekei, PC John Bonagi and (sitting) PC Jewnia Tusa, Police Officers of the PRT & PRU Units. Photos Courtesy of Kania Mepia. 

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