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A total of six 4G sites now live in Malaita Province, work continue for Guadalcanal 4G sites. 2G to 3G upgrades are also progressing well.
Starting from Gwailiki in Central Malaita all the way down to Hautahe in East Are’are, a total of six (6) 4G sites now grace Malaita Island.
The local populace residing in and around Gwailiki, Coastal 3 at Qiu, West Are’Are and Coastal 4 at Hautahe, East Are’Are will now enjoy 4G access after its successful upgrades last week.
These latest developments are part of Our Telekom’s ongoing Business Transformation Project, which will see a large percentage of the country’s Telecommunication infrastructure upgraded to 3G and 4G.
The 4G upgrades coupled with the recently upgraded ten 3G towers from 2G on Malaita is but a portion of the infrastructure expansion that is being carried out across the nation. In addition to 4G upgrades, Our Telekom is also phasing out its 2G towers for 3G across Solomon Islands. This will mean bigger and better signal coverage as well as faster access to Internet on 3G for remote rural locations. In addition to 2G to 3G upgrades and the new 4G builds in the Provinces, more 4G upgrade capacity is being rolled out for Honiara to address the growing 4G data demand. 3G build work for Isabel Province is also underway and expected to come on live by December.
Detailed information about the current Our Telekom mobile network expansion across the country will be made available in the coming days in the media. Our Telekom continues to invest millions of dollars in communication and Internet access infrastructure across Solomon Islands.

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