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Our Telekom has been busy over the past months rolling out expansion and upgrade installations for its mobile network across the country; with substantial work completed recently for the Honiara mobile network.

Upgrades on GSM hardware and core platform software were completed in mid-April to meet continuous increase in customer demand for Our Telekom mobile services in Honiara.

Major network capacity upgrades that provide higher channel availability were implemented for 2G services in the Henderson, Naha and Gilbert camp areas – three 2G high traffic volume areas. The upgrades resulted in immediate improvement to 2G call quality. The 2G network improvement also delivers positive impacts on customers’ 3G experience at these areas as more capacity is added to the overall network.

In addition to specific mobile tower capacity upgrades, Honiara also went through major 2G and 3G+ upgrades to its core mobile platform. The upgrade enabled added improvements to call initiation, completion and overall call handling.

The network upgrades also allows for expanded bandwidth that promises marked improvement in data traffic and overall customer 2G & 3G+ mobile Internet experience.

Our Telekom has the biggest Internet bandwidth out to the rest of the World. With an expanded domestic bandwidth and improved access connectivity, customers will be in for a more delightful mobile Internet experience. Our Telekom has the cheapest per megabyte prepaid mobile Internet plans in Solomon Islands.

In addition, Our Telekom has completed major work on four new 3G towers in Honiara as part of its continuous network expansion and upgrade program. These towers are located at Lunga, KGVI, Kingdom Hall and Tasahe. The new Kingdom Hall 3G tower has been recently turned on and has already produced positive results enabling better handling of call and mobile data traffic in the area.

Honiara is a key market and we continue to serve it with continuous investment in capacity, coverage and speed.

Our Telekom has the biggest mobile customer base in the Solomon Islands with Honiara being one of its largest markets.

Our Telekom has long since covered the whole of Honiara with its vast 2G and 3G+ network. Over the years, customer demand for Our Telekom services has not slowed down. In fact, there is more demand and pressure on our network now than before. The popularity of newer product offers, especially the RedHot plans have definitely created more demand for network resources.

The recent network builds and upgrades in Honiara will provide for a resilient, fast and quality network enabling Our Telekom to continuously meet increasing customer demand for quality Our Telekom services in our capital City.

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