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Today marks yet another historic moment for Our Telekom and Solomon Islands with the launch of the first ever 4G+LTE service in the country. 4G promises enhanced mobile Internet experience opening up exciting opportunities that could revolutionise how we work and live.

"Over the years Our Telekom has consistently invested in the expansion and upgrade of the Honiara mobile network making sure it meets the continuous growth in customer demand and expectations. In 2010, we were the first to launch 3G in the country. Today, we extend our leadership to be the first 100% locally owned operator to launch 4G+LTE and Our Telekom will continue to lead in customer experience by giving our customers better and quality mobile services", said Chief Executive of Our Telekom, Loyley Ngira.

Our Telekom has installed 4G+LTE operating on 700MHz Band 28 and 1800MHz Band 3 and is available in Honiara only for now. The 4G service will work on any current Telekom 4G activated SIMs in 4G LTE capable mobiles and devices.

"We would like to acknowledge our mobile technology partners who are also contributors to our achievements today. Huawei the global leader in LTE network deployments is Our Telekom major supplier for the mobile network. We have been working together since 2009 and this is the latest step in our strong partnership. Another is O3B (fibre in the sky) the major partner in providing satellite bandwidth for Our Telekom internet and mobile data services in the country", said Mr Ngira.

As part of the 4G launch promotion, Our Telekom is offering attractive 4G handset  bundles with a  “Buy any 4G mobile and get 1GB free mobile data plan” 4G launch promotion. Customers can buy any existing Redhot data plan or bundle on *155# for 4G access.

Our Telekom has kept the 4G mobile usage rates the same as 2G Edge and 3G data giving both our prepay and postpay mobile customers the maximum opportunity to experience 4G at no extra premium usage charge.

4G is a data hungry service and customers are advised to manage their data use responsibly. Our Telekom has taken measures and has embedded data usage auto alerts during various stages of customer data use levels. Customers are advised to take heed of your data usage alerts to better manage your data consumption.

4G will significantly enhance customer mobile Internet experience, enabling seamless use of multimedia & graphics heavy Internet services; notably greater ease in using favourite Internet dependent Apps like facebook, youtube, voice & video chat apps and many more. Customers will also find delight in features like high definition video streaming, ease of heavy downloads and uploads and high definition mobile gaming. 4G will definitely open up exciting opportunities in online entertainment and also unbound growth and rollout of wireless broadband access in Honiara for homes and businesses.

Most customers with capable 4G handsets in Honiara have been activated. If you have issues with 4G access or activation do call 21164, email [email protected] or visit any of our foneshops in Honiara for assistance.

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