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Our Telekom MeTop Up agents across the country who have an account with ANZ Bank and who subscribe to the ANZ goMoney mobile banking service will no longer need to visit any Our Telekom sales outlet to refinance their MeTop Up service.

MeTop Up Agents can now save time and money, by using your mobile phones from your shops or market outlets instead of travelling all the way to any of Our Telekom Sales offices to refinance your Metop Up Service.

Our Telekom Metop Up Agents can just transfer credit funds to a dedicated Our Telekom Metop Up number 7975250.

A text message will be received by Our Telekom MeTop Up sales officers confirming the transfer and in turn will credit  the appropriate amount directly to your MeTop Up Agent mobile number.

Metop Up Agents who wish to refinance their Metop Up service in this manner must have an account with ANZ, and if you don’t you are encouraged to open an account with ANZ and subscribe to ANZ goMoney.

This new service is a more convenient and efficient means for Our Telekom Metop Up Agents to carry out their business with minimal disruptions. With traffic congestions these days a lot of time will be saved from travelling to and from any Our Telekom outlet to refinance your Metop Up service.

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