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Our Telekom is thrilled to share the latest progress on the construction of the new cell tower at the KGVI staff area, aimed at enhancing network capabilities in the region. The recent developments have marked significant milestones, bringing us closer to the completion of this project and the improved services it will bring.

We are proud to announce that the towering structure, standing at an impressive 50 meters tall, has been successfully built. It is now equipped with advanced mobile equipment that will enable faster and more reliable mobile services. With the installation of this equipment completed, we are eager to connect it to the network, ensuring an overall enhancement in performance.

Our dedicated team is currently working diligently on connecting the fiber cables at the KG exchange end. This process, known as fiber splicing, is expected to be completed by the end of this week. Once finished, our network experts will proceed to provision the enhanced fiber IP link to the equipment on-site. These crucial steps facilitate seamless communication and data transfer, enabling a smoother and more efficient network experience.

The KGVI tower will be integrated with latest LTE solutions, allowing it to handle over 1000 users simultaneously. Looking ahead, we have plans to introduce advanced LTE solutions for high capacity expansion. These enhancements will ensure seamless handover of network connections and with perfect load sharing between neighboring cell sites such as King George, Lungga, Panatina2 and Old Depot.  Hence provision of a robust network with high speed mobile internet access and excellent experience for our customers.

Furthermore, the mains power connectivity to the site has been successfully established. This significant milestone means that the site is now energized, paving the way for the subsequent installation and commissioning of the necessary AC equipment. The AC installation has been finalized and successfully commissioned, ensuring the smooth functioning of the tower.

In addition, our efforts to maintain an optimal site condition are ongoing. A dedicated team of casual workers has been engaged to conduct a general clean-up and leveling of the area. This meticulous process is essential to uphold a tidy and organized site. The site cleaning is scheduled to be completed this week, creating a well-prepared environment for the upcoming stages of the project.

The trenching work, which forms a crucial part of the infrastructure, has been successfully completed, allowing the fiber cabling and termination work to progress. Although there have been a few setbacks hindering the overall progress, our team is fully committed to ensuring that the fiber connectivity and termination can be finalized without further delays.

Once the fiber connectivity and termination are completed, the next steps will involve powering up the equipment and proceeding with service integration. This final phase will bring together the various components, ultimately providing enhanced network services to the surrounding areas like KGVI, Lungga, Ranadi Industrial site and Panatina.

As part of Our Telekom's ongoing commitment to nationwide development, this tower construction project reflects our dedication to expanding network coverage and upgrading existing infrastructure across the country. By providing enhanced connectivity in the lead-up to the Pacific Games 2023, we aim to contribute to the success of the event and leave a lasting legacy of improved telecommunications infrastructure in the region.

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