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Solomon Telekom Company Limited, through its US supplier- WGI Telecom, generously donated a hand-held ultrasound device to the National Referral Hospital (NRH) on 1st March. The mobile ultrasound scanner, specially designed to support obstetric care, was gifted to further women’s health service delivery at the NRH. 

“This timely and crucial donation will greatly aid our ward procedures and upcoming provincial outreaches,” said Honiara NRH consultant obstetrician Dr. Benjamin Koete, who received the equipment. “Having this additional ultrasound capability at hand will guide our diagnosis and management of female patients.” 

NRH Chief Executive Officer Dr. George Malefoasi offered official thanks to the Solomon Telekom CEO Ms. Christina Lasaqa and US supplier Mr Winston Reid for the useful medical equipment. “We have sought to procure more ultrasounds for our busy obstetrics department. With this gift, we can now evaluate incorporating more portable units,” noted Dr. Malefoasi. Measuring just over one foot long, the handheld ultrasound connects with phones or laptops to visualize scans for diagnosis, procedure guidance and patient treatment.   

Last year, female admissions to NRH obstetric and gynaecological wards totalled 9,854, with another 8,300 women seen through day clinics. “Women’s health utilization is the highest at NRH. We are grateful that Solomon Telekom has pledged continued support to this vital area of community health need,” said Dr. Malefoasi.

Representing the WGI Telecom, Mr. Winston Reid shared they were delighted to directly enable advanced women's care through the ultrasound's donation. An online training is being coordinated between US obstetricians and the Solomon Islands medical team on ideal application of the mobile scanner.

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