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Our Telekom has recently completed the construction of six (6) new 3G mobile sites and carried out upgrade work to twelve (12) selected 2G sites across Malaita to further expand mobile service reach in the Province.

The new network additions and upgrades in Malaita continues our 2nd Business Transformation Project momentum which involves mobile network expansion in Honiara and the rural areas in 2017 & 2018. Our Telekom recognises the challenges that Malaita Province has in access to infrastructure and services especially in the rural communities.

“We are privileged to have land owning tribes and the Malaita provincial government who has supported the company in allowing their lands to build telecommunication infrastructure in ensuring development in terms of access to modern communication services is well established in the Province”, says Loyley Ngira – Our Telekom CE.
Our Telekom is taking the lead and paving the way as an enabler of development for the Province with continuous expansion and upgrades of its mobile network and provisioning of new services such as the 3G mobile Internet access.

The new 3G mobile sites are located at the following places:

  • Inland 1 - Hiliki: covers inland part of Folotana as well as parts of West Baegu and Takwa.
  • Inland 2 - Abuna’ai: covers inland parts of Aimela, Buma, Nafinua, Faumamanu and Kwaimala.
  • Inland 4 - Otanihuo: covers Aba and Asimae.
  • Coastal 2 - Kwaifala: Covers Siesie, Waneago Sulanasia and Kwarekwareo
  • Coastal 3 - Kiu - covers coastal villages in Tai.
  • Coastal 4 - Huitaro: Huitaro: covers west Mareho and Areare in the east. 

In addition to the new 3G sites, upgrade work on the twelve (12) 2G sites were completed at the following sites:

East & North Malaita

West & central Kwaraae & West Kwaio

West Areare South Malaita








Gouna Hill











Both the 3G new towers and improvements to 2G sites are now in operation since September 2017. Although, some technical interruptions have been experienced recently, Our Telekom engineers are closely monitoring the network and are working to ensure a resilient network is achieved.

Our Telekom wishes to thank the communities, land owning tribes, and the Malaita provincial government for their continuous cooperation in allowing their lands to be developed for the provision of modern mobile communication services that would enable commercial growth, kick start economic activities, as well as connecting families, wantoks and friends within Malaita Province, nationwide and abroad.

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