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Structure - Departments and Sections

Our Telekom has five (5) departments with various sections within each department. An overview of each one is as follows: 


This team ensures the company strategies, plans, policies and objectives are implemented to the required standards. With executive management, they report to the Company’s Board on the general performance of the business.

Sections within the Corporate Department:

  1. Corporate Section

             Core Functions:

  • Planning and Strategizing
  • Oversees overall Company operations.
  1. Internal Audit Risk and Compliance Section

             Core Functions:

  • Performs and reports outcomes of risk based audits across the organization including advisory services as and when required.
  • Provides provide guidance to the business to help the business ensure that regulatory and risk controls are in place throughout the business and all regulatory obligations are adhered to in conjunction with the requirement of the business.
  1. Legal and Regulatory Section

             Core Function:

  • Provide legal advice and make legal representations for and on behalf of the company Barrister.


Responsible for developing capability, defining processes and leading the development of Solomon Telekom specialist functions including network planning, network measurement and analysis and network optimization; combining software development/configuration, process creation and management—building the overall network management capability  for surveillance and incident management.

Sections within the Engineering Department:

  1. Fixed Access Network

             Core functions: Responsible for engineering design, operational performance, maintenance and upgrade of the Fixed Access Network infrastructures, accessories to meet Telecommunication Standards and specifications.

  1. Platforms

              Core Functions: Responsible for selection, engineering, feature content, utilisation, operational performance, and upgrade of all different types of platforms; providing supervision and leadership in design, installation, testing, maintenance, and continuous provision of services through different platforms.

  1. Transmission

              Core Functions: Responsible for engineering design, operational performance, maintenance and upgrade of all types of transmission equipment and systems; providing supervision and leadership to staff, suppliers and contractors in the design,  installation and testing and maintenance of transmission equipment and systems.

  1. Provisioning

             Core Functions:

  • Ensuring Telekom Customers are provided with services and products in timely and efficient manner
  • Quality services and customer satisfaction are prioritized at all times.
  1.   IP Services

            Core Functions:

  • Responsible for design and implementation of IP solutions along with other departments
  • Delivering services and products using IP network that meet defined quality service standard.
  1. Power

             Core Functions: Responsible for engineering, operation, maintenance and upgrade of all power plant equipment and systems; providing supervision and leadership in the design, installation, testing and maintenance of power equipment and systems.

  1. Network Management

            Core Functions:

  • Responsible for the design, installation and operation of NOC and operational procedures
  • Providing leadership and supervision in monitoring, detecting and resolving and reporting all events (Telecommunication, power, IP, and security network issues) through NOC
  • Compiling and reporting traffic statistics on performance, trends and forecast.
  1. BSS RAN

             Core Functions:

  • Responsible for the overall optimization, planning and development of mobile network and associated systems.
  • Development of mobile network plan, network measurement and analysis and network optimization.
  1. Network Designs & Projects

             Core Functions:

  • Responsible for the design, provisioning and integration of new projects
  • Ensuring the best solution and timely installation of new network systems or required products
  • Providing supervision and leadership in the installation and testing of new network, systems or product.


This team looks after Telekom’s commercial segment - development of business products, marketing and sales and customer services.  It ensures the integrated commercial success of STCL.

 Sections within the Commercial Department:

  1. Product Development Section

             Core functions:

  • Product Management, planning and execution throughout the product lifecycle, including: gathering and prioritizing product and customer requirements, defining the product vision, and working closely with engineering, Finance, and supporting departments to ensure requirements are clearly and accurately translated and viable, risks are effectively managed and revenue and customer satisfaction goals are met.
  1. Marketing Section

             Core Function:

  • Development of STCL’s marketing goals and strategy
  • Conducting marketing researches and monitoring customer needs
  • Promotion and advertisement.
  1. Sales
  • Prepaid Services
  • Corporate Sales
  • SME Sales
  • Call Center
  • Internet Helpdesk & Internet Services

              Core Functions:

  • Leading an effective sales force with effective sales strategies suited to a competitive environment and establish sales target to meet overall business key performance indicators.
  1. Commercial Analysis Section

             Core Functions:

  • Analyzing product revenues and margins and developing pricing methodology; determines pricing of new products, and monitors performance of all products during their lifecycle. Provide commercial business case modelling for product development and investment modelling including the revenue strategy and plan.
  1. Retail

             Core Functions:

  • Leading the development and implementation of sales plans for Retail initiatives nationally in pursuit of sustainable growth in the business and increasing revenue.

        6. Prepaid Section

           Core Function:

  • Responsible for all Prepaid Services (Mobile, Fixed Line & Internet) and ensures Prepaid revenue meets overall Company Revenue Targets.

         7. Provincial and outside Honiara City Boundaries Section

            Core Function:

  • Responsible for driving Sales & Revenue, people management and overall management of all small provincial customer centres and other areas outside of the Honiara City boundaries.


Responsible for financial and fiscal management aspects of the company operations; providing leadership in administrative, business planning, accounting and budget activities.

Sections within the Finance Department:

  1. Financial Operations Section

             Core Function:

  • To provide high level financial and management accounting services including assistance in the preparation of statutory accounts, review and processing of transactions and reconciliations in accordance with Accounting Standards. Also includes the risk and compliance management, conducting checks in order to assess the effectiveness of controls.
  1. Business Support Section

              Core Function:

  • Responsible for applying accounting principles and procedures to analyse financial information, prepare accurate and timely financial reports and statements and ensure appropriate accounting control procedures.
  1. Billing & Revenue Assurance Section

             Core Function:

  • Ensure revenue is processed and recorded accurately and efficiently whilst monitoring, identifying, remedying, and preventing problems that result in financial under performance.


This team supports the business operation through administrating and managing workers contracts, benefits, welfare and facilitates logistics.

Sections within the Support Services Department:

  1. Employee Relations, Health, Safety and Wellbeing and Business Continuity Planning Section

              Core Functions:

  • Responsible for implementing employee relation, health safety and wellbeing framework; ensuring continued delivery of key services and quality experience by customer in the event of significant, untold crisis event.
  1. Human Resources, Learning and Development Section

             Core Functions:

  • Responsible for managing and driving Human Resources, Learning and Development strategy by developing and managing processes and capabilities that ensure effective and efficient delivery of services.
  1. Corporate Communication Section

             Core Functions:

  • Responsible for the delivery of the corporate communication function to support departmental and organisational business.
  1. Business Support Section

             Core Functions:

  • Responsible for the delivery of Business Support function to support departmental and organisational business objectives.
  1. Property Section

             Core Function:

  • Responsible for the delivery of the property function to support departmental and organisational business objectives.
  1. Security & Fleet Section

              Core Functions:

  • Administering day to day company vehicle fleet general maintenance and fuel suppliers.
  • Managing a team of security personnel, designing, installation, commissioning and operation of electronic security systems and providing supervision and leadership on all facet of security to ensure protection of company employees, assets and property.