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We feature the following channels:




Transmitting in these locations
Channel Honiara Gizo Noro Munda Auki Lata
TTV1 Analog/Digital Analog Analog Analog Analog Analog
TTV2 Analog/Digital Analog Analog  - Analog  -
TTV3 Analog/Digital  -  -  - - -


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What do I need to watch TTV1, 2 & 3?

A: A TV and an UHF/VHF aerial. Most old (big square heavy ones) and new flat screen TV’s can receive our channels. The TV should conform to the Australian Broadcast tuning standard.   

Q: What do I need to watch TTV Digital channels?

A: You will need a modern flat screen TV with a Digital tuner and a UHF/VHF aerial AND you need to make sure the Digital tuner conforms to the Australian tuning standard.

Q: Why is this important?

A: Each country has a specific tuning standard which vary around the world.

If you have a flat screen TV that doesn’t conform to the Australian tuning standard then it will be unlikely it will find our Digital channels.

  • Digital TVs bought for a Solomon Island shop: Most shops here already know the TVs they sell are compatible to the Australian tuning standard. Some shops don’t know this – so beware and check before buying
  • Digital TVs imported when you moved here: Some of these TVs are set to the country you bought it in.
    • Some will only tune into the Digital channels in that country.
    • Some have an Option to tune into multiple country tuning standards. Look in your manual on how to change this setting. Often the ‘Country’ or ‘Region’ option appears when the TV is reset to the ‘Shipping’ or ‘Moving’ state.

Q: What if my Digital TV doesn’t have an Australian tuning standard?

A: You can purchase a Digital Terrestrial Set Top Boxes (Decoder). Make sure the decoder has an option to tune to the Australian tuning standard. Connect the aerial to the decoder and connect the decoder to the TV via the HDMI, AV or r.f. cable. 

Q: What’s the difference between TTV1-3 and the Digital Channels?

A: TTV1 is our best channel. Here we will transmit all the best in LIVE sport. We also schedule Australia Plus and News services. The TTV Digital service have the same channels on them 24/7