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Our Telekom’s two-year Graduate Trainee Program provides an opportunity to apply knowledge acquired at vocational schools and university to challenging real-world situations and acquire key transferrable skills.

Graduates are offered comprehensive training and development as part of their work at Our Telekom, as well as an opportunity to contribute professionally from day one. Our Telekom offers diverse and compelling graduate opportunities across its operations.

Graduates with any degree type can apply, post graduate qualification, are highly valued, as is a genuine interest in working for an institution that has an impact on the lives of all Solomon Islanders.

Our Telekom main campaign for graduates opens in February each year but other vacancies can occur throughout the year. You will be asked to apply for one particular stream when completing an application – your selection should be based on your career interests and exposure to relevant studies in:

  • Accounting or audit; economics, finance, mathematics, actuarial studies, statistics, science and law; or
  • Telecommunication Engineering, Electrical & Mechanical studies, Computer Science and information technology.

If you remain at all unsure which stream is most appropriate for you, refer to Human Resource for consultation.

Graduates, no matter which position they occupy or project they are working on, require a combination of technical and analytical, leadership and influencing, and written and oral communication skills. Our Telekom’s Graduate Trainee Program and Internship & Work Experience Programs seek to expand those skills by supporting development through exposure to formal and informal learning opportunities.

The program currently includes:

  • Orientation week – including a corporate induction, targeted learning, group activities and events with Our Telekom’s executives.
  • Business skills training – including a range of specialized training modules as well as business and communication skills to support your professional development. Training modules will target effective business and technical writing, critical thinking, communication and negotiation skills. These trainings are either conducted by the Human Resource, Learning & Development team or by external individuals and organization trainers.
  • Technical training – specialist technical training delivered by leading professionals and experts, through facilitation from the Human Resource, Learning & Development Section of the Support Services Department. Such training will be conducted by independent trainers, either in the country or outside Solomon Islands. 
  • Rotations – Our Telekom seeks to offer its graduates different career paths depending on their interests and skills. Rotations are designed to broaden your knowledge of business areas, and expand your internal and external professional networks. Under Our Telekom Graduate Trainee Program, Graduates will rotate to other departments and sections within the business and work with assigned supervisors for a month and move on to another department or section.
  • Professional development opportunities – which may include exposure to learning lab projects, trainings and presentations.
  • Upon completion of the two years program, graduates will be appointed to permanent positions within the business, depending on the performance assessment that would be made by supervisors and the coordinating team of the program. Graduates can be appointed to permanent positions within the 2 years period of the program, depending on the need to fill up vacant positions and where the organization sees as fit and suit individual. Graduates are also given the choice of staying with the business if given permanent positions or seek other employment opportunities outside Our Telekom.

Applications for Our Telekom Graduate Trainee Program will open towards the end of year. Recruitment for this program is done after every two years; this will allow graduates to complete the two years program before recruiting new graduates.