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Common ways airtime TopUp (credits) is used up

1. Our Telekom VAS

Our Telekom offers different text subscription services ranging from Food Recipes to Health Tips to Daily Inspirational Bible verses. Our SMS services have daily costs and billed when airtime Topup is available. As a result customers who subscribe to VAS would experience daily deductions and also after Topups. However, this services does not require full commitments and now customers can activate/deactivate from Our Telekom VAS anytime.

Click on this link for all listing of Our Telekom VAS, daily service costs and how to activate/deactivate your number. Also you can call us on 21164 or send us a message on Facebook if you are experiencing credit deduction and need help with ending your VAS subscriptions. See how you can manage all your VAS subscriptions in one platform.

2. Internet usage and mobile apps background updates.

When internet data reaches 0.1mb, phones will automatically uses normal credits (airtime topups) if customer internet data remains on. Even when no applications is manually opened, mobile phone apps (provided by third parties and not Our Telekom) have been designed to constantly communicate with their servers through the internet. In your mobile devices (or PC) you can personally manage your "data limit" Find out more about mobile device you use can easily manage their personal data usage by educating themselves about the devices they use either on google or for more interactive videos on YouTube.

See next article below "#2. How to manage your internet data like a pro!" for more tech tips. 

3. Subscribe to different plans and bundles.

The second most common way credits are used up is when customers subscribed to Our Telekom’s different RedHot Mobile Plans; Voice, Text, data, bundles plans, RedHot Specials and Mobile TV Streaming. These are one off payments or deductions to airtime topups but here your credits are converted to bigger data capacity, voice minutes and more texts.