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We provide complete personal and business telecommunication solutions. Whatever your telecommunication needs. With our country-wide presence, you know you're always getting the best business solutions and support from Our Telekom.

Business Communications Solutions Include:

  • Desktop & Managed Services
  • PABX
  • Dedicated Leased Circuits
  • Fixed line: Voice & Fax
  • ADSL Broadband
  • Mobile: Postpay & Prepay
  • International Roaming
  • One Bill Statement

Closed User Group

What is Bisnis Tok?
  • A value added service provided to Telekom Highly Valued Customers
  • Available to Postpaid & Prepaid mobiles.
  • Nominated mobile can call each other without any charge or discounted rates.
How does Bisnis Tok work?

A group of mobile numbers are nominated by you, the user. Once the group is defined, your nominated staff mobiles can call each other based on the Bisnis Tok plans you choose.

What are the Bisnis Tok plans?
  • 1500 minutes/month

No charge

  • 1500 - 5000 minutes/month

50% Discount  ($0.45/minute)

  • Above 5000 minutes/month

Normal Rate ($0.99/minute)

What are the Benefits?
  • Cost Saving - no need to buy Breeze cards or TopUp for your staff prepaid company mobiles on a monthly basis.
  • No Monthly Charge
  • Improved Communication amongst your staff members
  • Business Convenience - No need to change your business contacts
  • Members of Bisnis Tok can be added or removed at anytime
  • Telekom can provide daily, weekly or monthly reports on user activity at any time.
Get on Bisnis Tok now...

Simply fill out the Bisnis Tok Application Form and start the Bisnis Tok with your Team Members with no upfront payments.

For more Information, Email us or Call us on 21164.