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TV online just got better: Stream TTV1-3, PLTV plus hundreds of Movies and TV episodes from one App – also available on Google Chrome browser at: https://now.ttv.sb

Watch TTV online including Live TTV1, 2, 3, PLTV and an ever expanding number of Movies and TV episodes.

TTV NOW replaces m.ttv.sb and still available on Our Telekom’s expanding 3G/4G, ADLS, WTTX network and what’s more, TTV NOW data used is zero rated!

There is something to watch for the whole family from the kids to the grown-ups: Curious George, My Octopus, Spiderman, The Fifth Element and Alien. TV Series include CSI, Arrow, 9-1-1 and Lost in Space. We’ll be releasing over 1,000 feature films and 800 TV episode over the year so check in regularly!

  • No credit card needed – just purchase a Plan from your Pre-paid mobile
  • Data is included in the Plans
  • Supported on Android devices (Ver 5 and later)
  • Watch on a PC from a Google Chrome browser: https://now.ttv.sb
  • Cast to your TV using Chromecast
  • Watch on multiple screens on the same login
  • Parental Control to protect the little ones
  • No roll over renewals – just pay for what you want
  • Growing range of feature films and TV episodes

Get the for FREE now on Google Play


To access TTV NOW app content you will need

  1. Our Telekom Pre-paid mobile account
  2. Sign-up using your Facebook email address and password (Note: The App is not available if you sign into Facebook with your mobile number).

If you need an email address for FB, create one here: https://accounts.google.com/signup

  • To watch from a PC, use Google Chrome bowser (version 87 or later).

You can sign up via your mobile or computer. You will be asked to create a User ID and Password and asked to enter your Pre-paid mobile number.

Steps to register via your mobile:

Go to Play Store (Android) and download "TTV NOW (Solomon Telekom Co Ltd)".

  1. Open the App and click sign in
  2. On the welcome page click sign in with your Facebook account.
  3. Enter your Facebook email and password and click log in.
  4. Link your TTV NOW account with your Telekom prepaid number and click done (tick sign)
  5. A 6 digit code will be sent to your Telekom prepaid mobile number. Enter code to complete sign-up.
  6. Once inside the app, scroll left to right on the top tab to browse between Live TV, movies, TV shows and view content.

Steps to register via your computer:

  1. Open a supported Browser and go to https://now.ttv.sb/#/
  2. Sign in with your Facebook account.
  3. When prompted, enter your Pre-paid mobile telephone number used to purchase your TTV NOW Subscription.
  4. Once done, your mobile will be sent a one-time, confirmation text.

Plans are: BASIC (TTV1-3 and local programmes) and PREMIUM (BASIC + PLTV + all Movies/TV series - everything). Plans last 1-day, 7-days or 30-days with no ongoing charges or rollovers.

Start watching now and buy a TTV NOW Plan - dial *155#, Option 6.

*155# Option 7: Menu Items *155# Option 7: Displayed Text VALIDITY PERIOD (Day = 24-hrs) PACKAGE RATE incl Free Data and Tax LIVE TV Channels
1 Basic 1-Day $10 1 $10 BASIC TV CHANNELS TTV1-3 only
2 Basic 7-Days $35 7 $35
3 Basic 30-Days $120 30 $120
4 Premium 1-Day $20 1 $20 PREMIUM TV CHANNELS PLTV + TTV1-3
5 Premium 7-Days $100 7 $100
6 Premium 30-Days $300 30 $300
7 PLTV 1-Day $10 1 $10 PLTV CHANNEL ONLY
8 PLTV 30-Days $200 30 $200
9 Movies 1-Day $15 1 $15 (NO TV CH)
10 Movies 30-Days $150 30 $150

Customer frequently asked questions

Having trouble signing up? Call toll free number 171 and our staff will walk you through sign-up process.


How long is a "Day"

A "Day" lasts 24-hrs from the moment you select "Accept" on your chosen TTV NOW subscription.


I get a spinning wheel when I want to watch something?

This can indicate a poor internet connection. You can test the speed of your connection by opening a browser and going to www.fast.com. If your connection is less than 200kbps then please contact Our Telekom.

Watch TV, Movies and TV series. We have something for everyone. Ready to watch? Buy a Pre-paid TTV NOW plan *155#, Option 7.


Can I download Movies and watch them later?

TTV NOW currently doesn't support downloading of content.


How often are shows updated on TTV NOW?

New Movies and TV episodes are added at least every 2-weeks.


How do I find content on the TTV NOW app?

You can explore content by browsing by "Featured", "Genre" or scroll alphabetically "A-Z" with your finger down the right side of the screen.


What can I watch on TTV NOW?

TTV NOW streams TTV1, 2 and other TV channels plus on-demand Movies and TV shows. The content you can watch depends on the subscription you purchased.


Can I cancel my subscription?

No, once a subscription has been confirmed as purchased, the subscription will remain active until the end of its term.


I've forgotten my PIN. How do I reset it?

You can reset you PIN if you have forgotten it or want to change it as follows:

  1. Settings > Parental Controls
  2. Click on Forgot your PIN?
  3. Click on "send email" (your new PIN will be emailed to the account holder's email address).

Can I control the video quality of the content I watch?

Yes, video quality directly relates to the Data Usage setting and network conditions. The higher the data rate, the sharper the pictures will be.


Can I control how much data TTV NOW app uses?

Yes, however data fees are included in the TTV NOW subscription anyway! You can choose between Auto or Low data usage as follows: 1. Settings > Data Usage. 2. Set "Auto" or "Low". Auto ensures you receive the best quality pictures the network can deliver. As network conditions change so do data speeds and video quality. Low limits the data speed and results in slightly softer picture quality.


How much data does TTV NOW use?

Data usage depends on the Data usage setting and network conditions. You can choose between Low and Auto data usage via Settings. "Auto" ensures that you get the best quality video the network can deliver. "Low" will limit the data consumed and lower the video quality you see. (For the technical types: Auto, bitrates vary between 200kbps to 1.5Mbps. Low, sets the bitrate to 200kbps).


Does the Subscription I pay include data charges?

Yes, TTV NOW subscription fees include data charges. Data credit on your Pre-paid mobile is not affected. TTV NOW will still work even if you have no data credit left on your mobile.


How do I contact TTV if I have a question about TTV NOW?

Please email all questions to: [email protected]


How many users can watch content per subscription?

One programme can be watched at a time, per subscription.


Do subscriptions auto-renew?

Subscriptions do not auto-renew. They will end when the subscription period runs out.


Am I charged for how long I watch?

No. For example, if you purchased a 1-day subscription, the fee is the same whether you watched for 2-hours or for the full 24-hours.


What is TTV NOW?

TTV NOW is a subscription based mobile application developed for Our Telekom Pre-paid mobile customers to watch content online. The App gives you access to hundreds of Movies and TV show episodes as well as TTV Channels.


What's the difference between Basic and Premium subscriptions?

Basic plans relate to Free to Air content. Premium plans may include Basic content plus high value content like Movies, TV Series and specialty TV channels.


Can I purchase a subscription using an Our Telekom Post-paid account?

TTV NOW is available for purchase on Pre-paid accounts.


Where do I find more about TTV NOW subscriptions?

Subscriptions on offer can be found by dialling *155# on your Pre-paid phone and selecting Option 7. Our subscriptions can also be seen by visiting: https://www.ttv.sb/ttvnow/subscriptions or https://www.ourtelekom.com.sb/ttvnow/subscriptions


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