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Our Telekom offers graduates and undergraduates from a wide variety of disciplines the opportunity to work in a unique environment with exceptional people. You will be provided with challenging work as well as tailored programs for:

  • Undergraduates seeking work experience; or
  • Graduates seeking career opportunities.

Our Telekom two-year Graduate Trainee Program offers comprehensive training and development. You will be able to apply knowledge acquired at university to challenging real-world situations and acquire key transferrable skills.

While graduates with any degree type can apply, honors and higher degrees, including double degrees, and masters and PhDs, are highly valued, as is a genuine interest in working for an organization that has an impact on the lives of all Solomon Islanders.

Our Telekom Internship and Work Experience Programs are excellent opportunities for students who are still in academic institution and those completing their penultimate year to get first-hand experience of working with Our Telekom. It provides six weeks' work experience and ongoing support to talented students who have the potential to be successful graduates at Our Telekom. 

Applicants must hold Solomon Islands citizenship or permanent residency at the time of application. Our opportunities are located in Honiara and in the provinces. To contact us about our Graduate Trainee, Internship and Work Experience programs email [email protected]

Current status of our major programs:

  • Our Telekom Graduate Trainee Program: Applications are open towards the end of the year. This will give the first batch of graduates to complete the two years duration stipulated in the program’s document. Graduates can apply for this program after every two years.
  • Our Telekom Internship and Work Experience Programs: Applications are open throughout the year. The exact time is flexible in order to accommodate other commitments.