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To all valued M-SELEN customers. Be advised there is “NO COUNTER FEE” expected for Deposits and Withdrawals at any M-SELEN agent outlet. Should you have any queries call our customer care line on 333.

Get directions to an M-SELEN Sub-Agents and Agent across Solomon Islands.


Location: Malaita. Auki, Auki Market Lockup Shops

A & F Company

Location: Honiara. Kukum, opposite Kukum Field

ACL General Shop

Location: Honiara. Whiterive 02, left side of road after Whiteriver Bridge

Aelan Retail

Location: Malaita. Auki, Auki Town

Al Ahmad Enterprise

Location: Honiara. Kukum, opposite new Kukum Market

Ausmart Company Ltd

Location: Honiara. Townground, opposite Rugby Stadium

Bismillah Enterprise Ltd

Location: Honiara. Kukum, opposite soccer field.

T&L Enterprises

Location: Honiara. Fishing Village

Chan Corporation

Location: Western Province. Gizo, next to Jononi Shop 1

Didds Holdings

Location: Honiara. Fishing Village, next to Didds Fuel Station

DK Trading

Location: Malaita. Malu'u, North Malaita


Location: Honiara. Upstairs of Wei Kee Store next to Super Power, HCC Bus Stop

Fast Link

Location: Honiara. Kukum, next to Supreme Casino Building

Gizzy Times

Location: Honiara. Rove, Bishop Epalle

Iumi Shuttle

Location: Honiara. Art Gallery, Point Cruz, next to Palm Sugar

J & N Enterprise

Location: Honiara. Kukum, behind Kwaimani Building.

J & N Enterprise

Location: Honiara. Tandai, next to Valbros Fuel Station

Jay Mart

Location: Honiara. Green Valley, Green Valley Bus Stop

Jeck Digital

Location: Honiara. Henderson, opposite Kingdom Harvest Church

Jononi Shop 1

Location: Western Province. Gizo, next to Chan Corporation

Jononi Shop 2

Location: Western Province. Gizo, opposite KHY Area

JR & Sons Enterprise

Location: Malaita. Buma, Faitala Village

Kairos Transport Services

Location: Malaita. Dala North, Forcim Market

Kaye Shop

Location: Malaita. Auki, Auki Town.

Khadiza Enterprise

Location: Honiara. Ranadi next to MoHMS Medical Stores

Low Price

Location: Honiara. Point Cruz Wharf

Low Price

Location: Honiara. Central Plaza, Honiara Central Market

Nicky Store

Location: Honiara. Henderson, before G-Province Police Post

Pacific Digital Solutions Ltd

Location: Honiara. NPF Food Court, Point Cruz

Pioneer Trader Ltd

Location: Honiara. Point Cruz, next to Solomon Motors Fuel Station

Raviya Enterprises

Location: Honiara. Corona Market

Samazais Enterprise

Location: Honiara. Kobito, opposite Kobito Bus Stop

Smart Technology

Location: Honiara. Tandai, Solomon Motors Fuel Station

Solban Trading Limited

Location: Honiara. Lengakiki, next to Green Tank Market

T & L Enterprises

Location: Honiara. Point Cruz, Honiara Casino bus stop

T & L Enterprises

Location: Honiara. Fishing Village Plaza

Telekom Foneshop

Location: Honiara. Ranadi Business Center, Ranadi

Telekom Foneshop

Location: Honiara. Point Cruz

Telekom Foneshop

Location: Malaita. Auki Town

Telekom Foneshop

Location: Western Province. Gizo

Telekom Foneshop

Location: Western Province. Munda

Telekom Foneshop

Location: Western Province. Noro

Telekom Foneshop

Location: Choiseul Province. Taro

Telekom Foneshop

Location: Rennell & Bellona. Tingoa

Telekom Foneshop

Location: Isabel. Buala

Telekom Foneshop

Location: Central Province. Tulagi

Telekom Foneshop

Location: Makira Province. Kirakira

Telekom Foneshop

Location: Temotu Province. Lata

Tenacious Canteen

Location: Honiara. Koa Hill

TH Holdings

Location: Honiara. Whiteriver 02, opposite Whiteriver High School