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1. What is 4G+LTE

4G is the fourth generation of mobile technology that follows on from 3G and 2G. LTE stands for ‘Long Term Evolution’ and is a 4G technology that is designed specifically for handling high speed mobile data for your 4G handset and other LTE-capable devices. 

2. What 4G+LTE frequency does Our Telekom use in its network?

The 4G frequencies deployed in Honiara are:            

  • 700 MHz Band 28 (wireless to the premises WTTX)
  • 1800 MHz Band 3 (mobility)

Frequency Division Duplexing FDD is the modulation technology used in Our Telekom 4G Network. 

3. Apart from Honiara where else in the Solomon Islands will you have 4G+LTE?

For now only Honiara has 4G coverage. Everywhere else will continue to have 3G and 2G.

 4. How can I access 4G+LTE?

You must satisfy the following:

  • You must be in 4G coverage area in Honiara
  • You must have a 4G capable mobile handset and your 4G mobile handset setting is set to pick the 4G signal.
  • You must have a Telekom simcard
  • If prepay, you must have credit, if Postpay your usage will be billed to your account.
 5. Do I need a specific 4G+LTE sim to access 4G+LTE or can I use my current Telekom sim?

You can access 4G using your existing simcard that is currently working on 3G and 2G. We however are ordering new batches of 4G labelled simcards for new customers. Some really old simcards do not support 4G and will not work. Do come see our frontline staff at our foneshops for assistance.

 6. Will I need a new mobile number to access 4G+LTE?

No. You can use your existing mobile number and simcard to access 4G. Just ensure your existing simcard is in a 4G capable mobile.

 7. Which mobile phones and brands are capable of receiving 4G+LTE?

Solomon Telekom has tested all the mobile phones and from which supplier brand that works in Our Telekom 4G Network. When you buy a 4G capable mobile from Our Telekom, you can have assurance it will work.

We know that other vendors are selling mobile phones in Honiara. You will have to check with them to confirm to you if they will work or not in Our Telekom 4G+LTE network.

 8. How is 4G+LTE different to 3G?

With 4G+LTE you will have an enhanced mobile Internet experience with seamless, richer and smoother video and multimedia and data content experience.

 9. Can I still use voice and SMS or text on 4G+LTE?

4G handles data only – mobile Internet and SMS. However, when you are on 4G and you make a call, our system will seamlessly hand the call to 3G to connect your voice call. When you are done talking you will be connected back to 4G.

 10. Does 4G+LTE mobile Internet have a different usage charge to 3G or 2G?

No. Mobile 4G access will be charged the same rate as 3G or 2G

 11. Does 4G+LTE voice or SMS have a different usage charge to 3G or 2G?

No. For voice calls using a 4G mobile, the call will be automatically handed to 3G or 2G technology to complete the voice call. SMS will be handles by 4G at standard rates. 

12. Can I use the existing Redhot data plans on *155# to access 4G?

Yes. You can use any Redhot data plans or bundles to access 4G. 

Below are the data plans. Simply dial *155# follow the prompts and select your plan of choice.

13. Will I need a special mobile to access 4G+LTE?

You will need a 4G capable mobile to be able to access 4G 

14. How can I tell if my current mobile is 4G+LTE capable?

There are several ways to do this. Below are three ways:

  1. Check your Mobile mode settings if it has LTE or 4G as an option. If it does then your mobile is 4G ready
  2. Go to a mobile info website like www.gsmarena.com and check your mobile model technical specifications there.
  3. You will see the letters ‘4G’ on top of your mobile screen next to the signal bar. If it is not there than either your mobile is not a 4G mobile or you have not set your mobile setting to pick 4G signal.
15. How can I know if my mobile is actually accessing 4G+LTE signal?

You should be able to see the 4G sign displayed on top of your mobile screen beside the signal bars. 

16. How can I set my mobile settings to access 4G+LTE signal?

If your mobile uses the Android operating system OS then go to Settings/Connections/Mobile Networks/Network Mode and then set it to pick up 4G/LTE signal
For iPhones go to Settings/Mobile/Mobile data options/Voice/select LTE.
You must then restart your mobile to pick up the 4G signal with your new setting.

17. What happens to my signal if I am in an area not covered by 4G+ LTE?

Once you move outside of 4G+LTE coverage, your 4G device will connect to the next highest technology it can find, that is, to 3G or 2G. 

18. I have been accessing the Internet via my 4G+LTE mobile but my credit runs out so fast. Why is that?

You will expect 4G devices to be data hungry. Not only that, the type of content that 4G provides are really data heavy eg video streaming, online apps, downloads etc. In addition to that due to the very fast nature of 4G data access your Internet experience will be seamless and therefore your data usage will be quite involved as well. 

19. I am using 4G+LTE for some heavy downloads and I need bigger data plans. Do you provide bigger data plans targeting heavy users like me?

Yes. In addition to standard Redhot data plans and bundles we will also introduce new bigger data plans suitable for data savvy users.

20. I am using a 4G+LTE device to setup my own Hotspot and I am selling timed Internet access through my own access vouchers to users. Is this allowed?

We have no problem with that as long as you buy our big data plans and meet all legal requirements for running a business in Honiara. But note that time may not be the measure of unit for you to charge your customers, but data volume Mbytes because the download will be very fast.

21. I am looking for Hotspot equipment that works on 4G+LTE to set up my small office Internet access for my workers. Do you sell these types of equipment?

We will also offer similar products not long after we launch 4G. Watch out for our advertisements or you can be the first one to drop us an expression of Interest on [email protected] and we will reserve a 4G Hotspot device for you!

22. I want a high-speed broadband Internet access to my house. Are you going to provide home or office broadband Internet on your new 4G service?

Definitely! Watch out for our advertisements or you can be the first one to drop us an expression of Interest on [email protected] and we will notify you when our home or office 4G offer is available.

23. I have a 4G mobile and am on 4G signal, what exciting things can I do with my 4G capable mobile?

You can:

  • Watch LIVE online HD movies
  • Stream LIVE online music or music videos
  • Download software, movies, pictures in no time.
  • Play interactive networked games with global players.
  • Play our new Online games
  • Buy another 4G mobile and give it to your special someone for top quality 2-way video calling
  • Plus delight yourself in limitless multimedia entertainment available on the Internet. Your imagination is the limit.


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