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Nowadays mobiles are not just mediums for communication but also a form of entertainment.  At Our Telekom, we want customers to have full control on what form of information they consume and how they can manage their devices, Topups and internet usage.

1. Best Practices for 4G Users

If you are on 4G network please follow these best practices to avoid credit deductions...(click here to see more)

2. How to Know if Your Mobile Supports 4G LTE

With lots of smartphones to buy out there, it is important to choose yours carefully!...(click here to see more)

3. How to Manage your TEXT SUBSCRIPTIONS (VAS)

Take full control of your VAS subscriptions. See how you can create your account on our online selfcare platform...(click here to see more) 

4. Common Ways Airtime Topups (Credits) are Used Up

1. Our Telekom VAS

Our Telekom offers different text subscription services ranging from Food Recipes to Health Tips to...(click here to see more)

5. Manage Your Internet Like a Pro

Apps Background Access

Your mobile can use your data and access the Internet without you doing anything.  Most Apps on your...(click here to see more)