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Apps Background Access

Your mobile can use your data and access the Internet without you doing anything.  Most Apps on your mobile, including Google service apps and even the mobile operating system app ‘talk’ regularly to their online servers without you starting or opening any app. Best way is to turn your App’s background data access. If you are on an Android smartphone, go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Connections’ > ‘Data Usage’, ‘Mobile data usage’. You will be presented with your data usage statistics. Go ahead and click on one of the Apps listed. You will be presented with a detailed breakdown of your total data usage. The foreground statistics is data usage that you initiated by opening App etc. The ‘Background’ usage statistics is data usage that the App itself initiated without your knowledge. You can turn this function off.

Turn Off Automatic Downloads

Your data may also be used for automatic downloads or for services like iBooks and Safari’s reading list. On an iOS device, you can turn this off with Settings > iTunes & App Store > Use Cellular Data for automatic downloads, Settings > Safari > Use Cellular Data for Safari’s reading list, and Settings > iBooks > Use Cellular Data for iBooks.

For android devices go to Settings > Connections > Data Usage.

Turn Off Wi-Fi Assist

Consider turning off your Wi-Fi assist whenever you aren’t using your phone. Wi-Fi Assist automatically uses cellular data when the Wi-Fi connectivity is poor, which could be using up your data when you aren’t expecting it.

Adjust Your App Settings

If you frequent social media apps, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, consider adjusting the settings on these apps. For instance, on all three social media apps, you can set it to auto-play videos only when you’re connected to Wi-Fi (or not at all). Usually, these apps are set to auto-play videos using both Wi-Fi and data, which can use up your data to download the video, even if you weren’t planning on playing it. On each of your social media pages, visit Settings to make the adjustments.

Turn Off Background App Refresh

Your apps are automatically refreshing their content in the background. By turning off the refresh, you can preserve battery life and data.