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Our Telekom offers diverse and compelling graduate opportunities across our operations. Graduates at Our Telekom, no matter which position they occupy or project they are working on, require a combination of technical and analytical, leadership and influencing, and written and oral communication skills.

You will be asked to apply for one particular stream when completing an application – your selection should be based on your career interests and exposure to relevant studies in: Legal, Risk & Audit, Corporate Planning, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Retail, Engineering, Human Resources, Health Safety Wellbeing, and Property & Fleet Management etc.

To better understand Our Telekom before completing an application, we would encourage you to view Our Telekom’s website content including our mission, vision, values & behaviors, services, products, promotions, news, help & support, publications and media releases, which should provide deeper insights into some of Our Telekom’s recent areas of focus.

If you remain at all unsure which stream is most appropriate for you, please contact us at [email protected] or [email protected]

Our Telekom is comprised of five (5) departments and consist of different sections within each department. An overview of each one is as follows;  

Corporate Department

This team ensures company strategy; plans, policies and objectives are implemented to standards. With executive management, they report to Company Board on the general performance of the business.

Legal & Regulatory role is ensuring STCL complies with its internal policies and external regulations and laws and also responsible for providing legal services and advice to the company, its divisions and employees and it heavily deals with wide ranges of matters nationally and internationally. It defends and acts for and on behalf of STCL in any court of law within the country. All these activities create the workflow of legal section. 

Internal Audit, Risk & Compliance performs and reports outcomes of risk based audit s across the organization including advisory services as and when required. Also provides provide guidance to the business to help the business ensure that regulatory and risk controls are in place throughout the business and all regulatory obligations are adhered to in conjunction with the requirement of the business.

Our Corporate Department consist of three main sections; Corporate Chief Executive, Corporate Legal Section and Corporate Internal Audit. Graduates with legal background are place in either of the above sections based on career choice, interest and human resource need.

Commercial Department

Customer satisfaction is the start and end-point for everything we do at Our Telekom. Our teams within Sales, Retail & Customer Care, Prepaid Services, Marketing and Product Development take responsibility for ensuring that our customer focus stays strong. Whether they are researching a customer’s business or market; understanding their objectives and challenges; setting the direction for our sales efforts or developing effective marketing strategies, we are dedicated to building long-lasting, valuable customer relationships. It takes skills, experience and a passion for quality customer service.

Communications technology is now central to everyone’s lives. Whereas years ago most people just had a fixed telephone line, today consumers rely on a combination of mobile phones, broadband, and wireless data, to communicate with the world, work remotely and stay in touch with loved ones.

As Our Telekom Commercial employee, you’ll open the door to so many career opportunities by developing remarkably adaptable skill sets. You will influence every aspect of product decision planning and lifecycle management, from strategy through to design quality, from releasing content through to portfolio planning, forecasting and analysis, quality customer services, effective and efficient sales and marketing activities. You must be a naturally talented and effective employee, capable of operating within both a technology environment or in the wider business arena. Solutions-driven and outcomes-focused, you’ll play a vital role in delivering the kind of major services that Our Telekom is recognized for: those that impact positively on business, society and people.

Graduates will be given task like front desk officers and sales officers, review and develop department policies and procedures, draw up strategic business plans and objectives, assist road show sales and offshore sales, both within Honiara and provinces. Prepare and present findings on sales, performance and other issues gathered from assigned tasks to supervisors and line managers.

Engineering Department

Technology underpins Our Telekom’s strategic responsibilities. Our Telekom’s Engineering Department is responsible for designing, transforming and developing the core technical functions that support Our Telekom policies, operational and corporate objectives.

Our Telekom engineers in our Engineering Department design and install equipment used for transmitting wired phone, cellular, cable and broadband data. Their day-to-day responsibilities include working with copper or fibre optic cabling, complex networks and switching systems.

Our Telekom requires engineers who are analytical, creative and methodical problem solvers with excellent concentration and math skills. As members of manufacturing teams, they are also collaborative professionals and good speakers with interpersonal intelligence and the ability to work well with others.

Our Telekom prepares students for a wider spectrum of technical careers in the areas of TV, cable, telephones, satellite and internet. Many engineering careers within our engineering department are related to the development and maintenance of devices, lines, systems and networks used to facilitate communications. Among them are telecommunications equipment installers and repairers, line installers and repairers, and electronics engineers.

Graduates have the opportunity to work on a diverse range of projects with major impacts for all Solomon Islanders. Some of the key Engineering projects recent Graduates have contributed to include construction and installations of towers in various locations in Solomon Islands, Solar Hybrid Installation (Genset) to towers that are powered by generators in various parts of the Solomon Islands, reviewed and developed engineering policies and procedures.

Graduates from relevant telecommunication, electrical and mechanical engineering or similar qualifications are the target group for our Engineering Department. Our Telekom prepares successful candidates for a career as a Telecommunications Engineer in the different sections of our engineering department. Telecommunications Engineers are needed to advance STCL's interests across a broad range of Telecom areas.

Finance Department

The complexity and diversity of Our Telekom’s operations means we cover the full spectrum of financial accounting, management accounting, financial operations, and internal audit.

Our Telekom Finance Department plays a critical role, particularly as increasing regulatory and capital requirements change the way we do business. Graduates and employees will help protect the company through all types of market conditions and serve as an essential partner to our business, analysts, investors and regulators.

The Finance team works across the business to strategically manage capital, drive growth and efficiencies, maintain financial reporting and proactively manage risk. Employees will provide information, analysis and recommendations to improve results and drive decisions.

Our Telekom offers opportunities for graduates interested in applying economics, finance, accounting, statistics or mathematics to analytical problems. Day-to-day tasks vary, and may include, developing and maintaining specifications and quality standards for services,  products, developing ideas and production techniques for our services and products security features, and analyzing the effectiveness of innovative new features in our business activities.

HR & Support Services Department

HR & Support Services Department as a Value Adding Business Partner, is responsible for delivering relevant HR & Support Services strategy for the business through a range of Employee Relations & HSW, Corporate Communication, Business Support, Property, Fleet & Security activities and programs that will drive support the business strategy and ensure business success.

The daily functions of operating a business require time, precision and expertise. The HR & Support Services Department provide systematic support in every area of the business without any interruption in services. This department keeps an effective communication channel open, so everyone is informed of any new changes and how the changes may affect the organization.

One of the main job responsibilities of the HR & Support Services department is to ensure the efficient performance of all departments and sections at Our Telekom. The department act as a partner to other business units and connecting link between the senior management and the employees. Through different sections within the department, they work with Line Managers to provide motivation to the work force and make them realize the goals of the organization.

Our Telekom's HR & Support Services professionals within our company partner with leaders at all levels to deliver talent solutions that respond to strategic needs of their business. They apply business acumen, workforce insights and analytics, and functional expertise to help engage and empower the human potential in the organization.

Sections within the department work with employees across the business on talent management, compensation, benefits, or talent acquisition; they are a key member of the management team. Their work contributes to critical talent acquisition initiatives, innovative organizational design, high-value learning and mentorship programs, and competitive compensation plans.

We proactively partner with the business to ensure Safe, Healthy and Decent work environment through proactive HSW, Property, Security and Fleet management. A Safe, Healthy and Decent work environment fosters productive employees.

Our HR & Support Services team members find many opportunities to develop and advance their careers across companies to ensure we are continue to proactively partner with the business for a sustainable Customer Centric Our Telekom.