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Our Telekom recently provided much needed assistance towards the Fiji-led refurbishment of the Burns Creek community Health Centre, by means of telephony and internet access along with medical supplies and equipment.

Burns Creek community are soon to become the custodians to a health centre that will be servicing a large swath of East Honiara.

The refurbishment and upgrading of the Health Centre was an initiative undertaken by the Fijian Task Force, Cori Mada of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF), who deployed to Honiara at the height of the recent riots to assist in security.

However, the team decided to undertake a more pro-active role within the communities by creating a community engagement program.

The rebuilding of the Health Centre became a central part of the Task Force’s program, which they have been carrying out in various communities throughout Honiara.

Task Force leader, Lieutenant Colonel Asaeli Toanikeve identified the abandoned clinic at the Burns Creek area as a crucial medical site for not only the residents of Burns Creek but also East Honiara as a whole.

Our Telekom decided to assist the reconstruction of the clinic after being approached by the team.

Providing much needed communication and computer solutions for the clinic, Our Telekom also donated medical supplies and equipment.

An ECG machine, Portable variable suction unit along with a wheeled drip stand and vinyl chairs and beds were some of the items donated.

Our Telekom Marketing Manager Sean Hiele who was present during the handover mentioned, “All of us at Our Telekom look forward to seeing the impact this donation can have in bringing much-needed help to a cause that we care deeply about. It’s always our mission to support community-level initiatives and the Burns creek clinic is a milestone on its own” 

“We really appreciate the assistance provided by Our Telekom. This will undoubtedly enhance the quality and capability of medical services available to residents of Burns Creek community and East Honiara.” Lieutenant Colonel Toanikeve said.

The Health Centre will also play a crucial part in the upcoming Pacific Games, as it is the nearest medical facility to the Games Venue in East Honiara.

Our Telekom continues to be a staunch supporter of community-based initiatives and are pleased that they have provided assistance to the development of the Health Centre.

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