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The SINPF Board Members and SINPF Investment Team paid a successful visit to Our Telekom’s premises in Honiara on Friday 6th October 2017 to see for themselves the operations of the company the Board has invested in.
The Board members visiting are: Peter Boyers (Chairman), Gideon Zoleveke (Deputy Chairman), Alice Pollard (Member), Julie Haro (Member), George Kuper (Member), Ruth Alepio (Board Secretary),
SINPF Investment Team visiting: Mike Wate (Deputy General Manager), Jennifer Lakoa (Manager Property and Investment).
Our Telekom Chief Executive, Loyley Ngira and Our Telekom Board Secretary, Bernadine Manuia led the team to various premises around Honiara, and at the same time introduced the SINPF Team to Our Telekom staff. It was the first time for many staff to know who the SINPF Board members are.
The visit started at 9am at Ranadi Telekom Complex first to the yet to be opened new office building and the Business Centre, the Human Resources operations, Procurement and Stores, and then continued to Kaibia where they saw first-hand satellite transmission systems, microwave systems, television systems, data hosting systems, mobile systems, and power systems.
After a short break over lunch, the team continued their visit to the Honiara offices: Finance, Sales and Marketing, and Call Centre operations.
It was important for the SINPF team to see technical operations so they visited the building housing the Earth Station satellite transmission systems, the television equipment and master control room, and the uninterruptible power supply room.
Final technical visit was to the Exchange Building; and at the ground floor they saw battery banks, rectifiers and received briefings from staff. Upstairs on the first floor were the core systems of the whole telecommunications network of Solomon Telekom. The main Data Centre room was full of equipment of various types. Engineers explained how the Technical visit was concluded with a quick tour of the Network Operations Center (NOC).
During the visit the Board members had the chance to meet with various Head of Departments (HODs), Managers and Supervisors who briefly explained and commented on their respective departments and sections - their roles and functions. The Board members also raised some important comments, questions and suggestions during their visit, which the management team, supervisors and staff thoroughly responded to and further take into consideration and action.
The day-long visit ended at the Corporate Department where Our Telekom Chief Executive Loyley Ngira thanked the SINPF Team for their time and efforts to make the visit a success.
Gideon Zoleveke (Deputy Chairman) on behalf of the visiting SINPF Board acknowledged and thanked Our Telekom senior management team and staff for the support and great reception during the day. He encouraged staff to keep working hard ensuring Our Telekom continues to be a successful NPF investment in the interest of all its members.
SINPF hold 97.32% shares in Solomon Telekom Company Limited; with the remaining 2.68% by Investment Corporation of Solomon Islands.

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