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Our Telekom has now completed all major installations of the 4G+LTE network in Honiara and currently carrying out technical tests prior to launching the service to Honiara customers.

The 4G Long Term Evolution network (LTE) is the latest mobile technology to be provided in the Solomon Islands. Other countries in the Pacific region such as Fiji, PNG, Tonga, Niue, Kiribati and Samoa have already introduced 4G mobile services. ‘Being the first local mobile operator to introduce  modern and first class technologies in the country is a milestone for Our Telekom’, says Loyley Ngira – Our Telekom Chief Executive. Our Telekom has evolved from the 2G network in 2003 and later upgraded to the 3G network in 2010. This has positioned Our Telekom to be the leading mobile service operator with the biggest and best network footprint in the Solomon Islands.

With the introduction of the 4G+LTE mobile service, only Honiara customers will have access to the service. Other provinces & rural locations will continue to access 2G and 3G networks nationwide.

There are ten (10) 4G LTE mobile sites which have completely installed and are located at the following places:


West Honiara


West Honiara

CBD-SINPF Anthony Saru

Central Honiara

Telekom HQ

Central Honiara


Central Honiara

Kingdom Hall

Central Honiara


East Honiara


East Honiara


East Honiara

King  George V1

East Honiara

4G+LTE is a new experience in Solomon Islands and for those who are interested and keen in accessing the new network, will have to satisfy the following;

  • You must be in 4G coverage area in Honiara
  • You must have a 4G capable mobile handset and your 4G mobile handset setting is set to pick the 4G signal.
  • You must have a Telekom Sim Card
  • If prepay, you must have credit, if Postpay your usage will be billed to your account.

Furthermore, 4G handles data only – mobile Internet and SMS. However, when you are on 4G and you make a call, our system will seamlessly hand the call to 3G to connect your voice call. When you are done talking you will be connected back to 4G.

There are several ways to tell if your current mobile is 4G+LTE capable, here are three ways:

(1) Check your Mobile mode settings if it has LTE or 4G as an option. If it does then your mobile is 4G ready

(2) Go to a mobile info website like www.gsmarena.com and check your mobile model technical specifications there.

(3) You will see the letters ‘4G’ on top of your mobile screen next to the signal bar. If it is not there than either your mobile is not a 4G capable mobile or you have not set your mobile setting to pick 4G signal.

More on 4G LTE Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) will be published in pamphlets which will be available for public from our various outlets and Agents.

With the imminent launch of 4G+ Network Our Telekom progressively delivers its 2nd Business Transformation Project; deploying state of the art mobile network enabling more people to access communications services in the Solomon Islands.

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