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Fixed line customers in Honiara can now enjoy faster broadband service via fiber and copper at affordable rates.

With the increased need for internet bandwidth, stable networks, and the diversified services and applications that drive this growth, Our Telekom has revamped its fixed-line broadband service to meet this demand.

Now customers with existing fixed line connections can enjoy high-speed broadband internet at their homes or businesses without the hassle of lock-in contracts and monthly fees.

Prepaid Broadband Service

The Prepaid Broadband service is one of Our Telekom’s cost-effective solutions to the rising demand for affordable wired internet access. In addition, our ongoing upgrades to the fixed line network using fiber infrastructure have given us the flexibility to provide more affordable offerings.

This Prepaid Broadband service is available to any customer with or without an existing fixed line connection.

Customers without an existing service can come and apply for service at any of our Telekom Offices if within reach of a fixed line or fiber network. Our engineers will do a survey and provide further advise of access from your location.

How to apply

Do you need home internet but want to skip the hassles of a monthly postpay bill for internet service. Then, a Prepaid Broadband internet plan is the way to go.

To apply for a prepaid broadband service, do come to Our Telekom head office in Point Cruz or Ranadi and fill out a service order form that includes registering your number and customer details.

A one-off modem charge of $300, is applicable, and our team will carry out surveys and installations at your premises for free.

Once your modem is activated, you can subscribe to any of the Prepaid Broadband Plans available on the RedHot Mobile Marketplace, which you can access on your mobile by dialing *155#, select option 3 for Internet followed by option 2 for Prepaid Broadband. After subscribing, your Prepaid Broadband service will be automatically recharged, and activated for internet.

You may purchase the following Plans on demand whenever the need arises 1GB – $15 for 1 month validity.

2GB - $30 for 1 month validity.

3GB - $45 for 1 month validity.

5GB - $ 75 for 1 month validity.

10GB - $150 for 1 month validity.

Speeds to expect

Access speed is configured at 10mbps download and 5mbps upload. The measurable speed at premises will depend on your proximity to the Our Telekom Exchange or a Multi-Service Access Node (MSAN) cabinet, the last mile network, modem capability and number of connections to your connection.

Copper or Fiber

After surveying your premises, our tech team should be able to tell you the network technology that connects you to the nearest MSAN cabinet whether it be fiber or copper.

In short, the Multi-service Access Node or MSAN connects a telephone line to the central network in a telephone exchange. The MSAN is essential for providing ISDN, broadband, and telephone services. They are also referred to as Multi-service Access Gateway or MSAG.

The MSANs cabinet functions as an extension of our Exchange, and it is part of the fiber ring network.

The remaining connection to your premises commonly referred to as the last mile will be either fiber or copper. Customers can apply for a fiber connection, but our tech team will still need to inspect your location before any work can continue.

Please contact our sales office at 21576 or head down to our Telekom head office and speak with our sales team and hop on the Fixed Broadband Network.

Don’t miss out; get connected and pay as you go with Prepaid Broadband.

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