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We are pleased to provide updates on our ongoing infrastructure development initiatives. These efforts are aimed at enhancing connectivity, expanding network coverage, and delivering a superior communication experience for our valued customers.

Our Telekom is actively working to provide smooth and uninterrupted connectivity during the South Pacific Games 2023. We have installed fiber connections in venues on the West side of the ‘Sports City’ and are extending the same to venues on the East side. Additionally, the KG tower is now operational, strengthening and improving network connectivity in the Pacific Games Arena and surrounding areas.

In addition, we recently built and installed a mobile cell site at the Telekom Ranadi site to enhance network coverage and capacity.

This mobile cell site allows us to quickly address areas with high connectivity demands and provide quality communication.

Our Telekom is also expanding our network infrastructure by conducting civil works at Henderson (Fighter One) and Naha Heights sites to improve network connectivity and customer experience. These developments reflect Our Telekom’s preparation and readiness for the Pacific Games 2023.

Australian Funded Tower Build in Progress

Construction of the six (6) mobile towers, funded by the Australian Government, is well underway, marking a significant step towards improving connectivity across the country. The civil works phase on all six sites, which encompassed the tower footing, solar footing, and Genset and equipment cabinet slab installations is nearing completion.

The completion of the civil works phase signifies a major milestone in the construction process. The next phase will focus on the construction of the tower structures themselves.

Following the tower structure construction, the project will progress to the installation phase. This crucial stage involves the installation of the Genset and solar power systems, alongside the deployment of mobile equipment. These installations will play a vital role in ensuring reliable power supply and optimal functionality of the mobile towers.

Australia’s grant is strengthening connectivity in Solomon Islands, particularly in remote regions.

The installation of the six towers across these four provinces will enhance border security, facilitate traditional connections with Papua New Guinea, improve disaster response capabilities, and empower local communities by increasing access to business opportunities, healthcare, and education services.

These 50 meter towers will be installed at the Solomon Islands borders including three in Shortland (Kariki, Nila, Kamaleai), one in North West Choiseul, one in Isabel (Kia), and another in Malaita outer islands (Pelau)

Network Services Update in the Western, Taro and Auki Region

In light of the recent submarine cable breakage, which has severely disrupted network services in the Western, Choiseul, and Malaita regions, Our Telekom is providing alternative means of internet connectivity to bridge the gap until the submarine cable is fully restored.

It is important to note that while alternative connectivity options are available for our affected provincial regions, the internet connection may be slower compared to the Submarine Cable connectivity.

The undersea cable is owned and operated by the Solomon Island Submarine Cable Company (SISCC), and they are working to repair it before the end of July.

For repair progress and network updates, follow our official channels. Contact our customer support team at 333 or visit our website www.ourtelekom.com.sb or Facebook page at Our Telekom for infrastructure development updates.

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