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Left to right: Dr Geoff Kenilorea, Dr Edgar Pollard, Our Telekom Chief Commercial Officer, Robertson Szetu and Alex Waimora.

Basi Futbol partners with Telekom 

Basi Futbol and Our Telekom have signed a grassroots community partnership that re-imagines football youth development.

The ‘pop-up-clinic’ idea grew from recognising a need to reach out to communities that often get overlooked.

The clinics give Basi Futbol clients Leon Kofana, Javin Wae, and Raphael Le’ai an opportunity to give back to the communities they belong to through an hour session technical and tactical drills that they have learnt in their own football journeys.

Each clinic has a theme and a message to look at important issues that impact our communities; and more importantly how we can answer those questions using football a reflection of that answer.

Telekom continues its investment into Solomon Islands football across all levels and sees this alignment as its continued commitment to its corprate social responsibility initiatives.

Basi Futbol is Solomon Islands first consulting firm focused on football development across all levels of the game including infrastructure, coach education, and player development pathways.

The team is made up of Dr Geoff Kenilorea, Dr Edgar Pollard, Alex Waimora, and Keith Sanga.

Kukum community youths who participated in the Basi Futbol Pop-up-clinic held at the Kukum field.

Speaking from Brisbane; Keith Sanga said “We face many challenges in the SI football context, often self-inflicted. Developing football in our country is not the sole responsibility of SIFF; as the recognised and elected leaders of football in this country - they are entrusted by the OFC and FIFA to enable pathways, competitions, good governance, coach education, infrastructure, and strategic guidance and development. They will not always get it right, but I know there are some good leaders in there and our job is to help support them as much as we can through people woven in the ecosystems of the PFA’s, clubs and schools.

From a youth development perspective - our focus at Basi is simple; magnify redemptive ideas that will enable and strengthen our youth to answer some of the challenges in a holistic way they will undoubtedly face in the future not only in football but the wider issues that they will tackle.

I am an optimist and think that this idea of hope must never be lost. It is our responsibility to create cultural objects that signal new possibilities, and along the way we must cultivate what we are already doing well as a nation – and just create more of that”

Basi Futbol would like to thank Robertson Szetu, Elisha Tuhanuku and the team at Telekom for believing in this project. Both Telekom and Basi Futbol remain committed to re-imagining new possibilities in developing football in the Solomon’s.

Basi Futbol pop-up-clinic trainers Leon Kofana, Raphael Le’ai and Javin Wae.

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