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Makira and Choiseul switch to 3G, ushering in a new era of mobile connectivity. Up next, Isabel Province.

Residents of Makira and Choiseul are the latest beneficiaries of Our Telekom’s ongoing 3G network expansion into the provinces.

A total of 10 sites, five in Makira and five in Choiseul, had recently undergone network infrastructure upgrades for the much anticipated transition.

This latest development will provide residents in the surrounding areas with faster internet speeds, higher capacity, and a vast reduction to the digital gap between our urban and rural locations.

In a statement, during the recent Choiseul 3G tower launch ceremonies in Voza and Sasamunga Villages, guest of Honor Hon Premier Qoloni stated that “3G mobile service has been much anticipated and welcomed. Ease of access to communication and information will have a direct positive impact on life in the village, making it easier for people to communicate, access information as well as create new possibilities for business and learning”.  

Our Telekom’s commitment to its Second Business Transformation Project will benefit the rural populace in many aspects of their livelihoods.

With improved mobile infrastructure and affordable mobile phone pricing, residents are provided with technology that will inextricably become an integral part of their everyday life.

From a development and business perspective this will enable progress in both the public and private sectors by expanding the reach of the local populace through quality, reliable telecommunication.

Ease of access to timely information aids business owners to reduce transaction time, travel, and the usual high costs associated, by bridging distances, so they can make more informed decisions.

Our Telekom will continue striving to provide the best network to satisfy its growing customer base. It is the company’s vision to be the leading telecommunication provider in the country by providing our people with the best and the latest in telecommunication technology. This commitment will ensure all segments of our people are able to participate and benefit from fast and reliable Internet access.

Our Telekom continues to invest in millions of dollars in communication infrastructure and upgrades, to connect the Islands, towns and far flung communities across the nation.

Solomon Telekom Company Limited (Our Telekom) is a joint venture company between Solomon Islands National Provident Fund, (SINPF) which holds 97.32% of the shares, and the Investment Corporation of the Solomon Islands (ICSI) which owns 2.68% of the shares.

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