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New cell tower projected to enhance services to key locations in East Honiara

Our Telekom is currently building a new cell tower at the KGVI staff area overlooking the School and Games Site.

This latest build is proving to be timely development in light of ongoing preparations for the South Pacific Games 2023.

It is projected that the new cell site will improve service and provide enhanced bandwidth and coverage to areas as far as Markwarth Oil to the East, Sun Valley, KGVI, the Solomon Power residence and westwards towards the Games site and the Ranadi industrial site.

According to Our Telekom’s Projects & Support Senior Engineer, William Koburu, civil works are now underway and is expected to be complete by the end of November 2022 with final installations and completion in early January 2023.

The deployment of the tower comes as part of Our Telekom’s ongoing deployment of new tower builds and upgrades across the nation.

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