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OUR Telekom continues to invest millions of dollars in upgrading its networks and platforms to meet growing customers demand for data access.

 In a statement yesterday, the Our Telekom chief commercial officer Arthur Yen said the market appetite and growth in the demand for more data and faster speeds over the last 12 months has been astounding.

“We expect this to continue and we are regularly exploring new ways to deliver a better experience for our valued customers,” Mr Yen said.

Mr Yen made this statement as the company announces the reduction of its SIM card price from $20 to $10 and the review of its data plans. The company statement said the reduced cost of its SIM cards is effective as of yesterday.

“The $10 SIM cards come with free $10 credits included,” the statement said.

Mr Yen said they are also introducing their revised data plans in addition to the reduced SIM card price to give more value to customers at no additional price increases.

“With the $10 credit customers can opt to buy Redhot voice, data or text plans by dialling *155# and further extend the value of their credits.

“The reduction of SIM card price and the refreshed Redhot data plan will enable Solomon Islanders to join the biggest mobile provider in the country and experience faster speeds and also access the array of new products and services on offer,” the company statement said.

 In 2016, Our Telekom increased its GSM network access bandwidth in Honiara, giving it faster mobile data speeds and offering 3G+.

The company also continues to expand its network - building new towers both in Honiara and in the provinces to accommodate the increasing demand for its mobile services right across the nation. More nationwide network builds and upgrade work is scheduled for 2017.

Photo: Our Telekom Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Mr. Arthur Yen and Marketing Manager Mr. Robertson Szetu with the new  Sim card price and refreshed Redhot data flyers

Source: Solomon Star

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