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Our Telekom’s revolutionary Mobile Money Services now in the Beta Testing phase

We are thrilled to announce the beta launch of our mobile money service, which enables users to send and receive money securely and conveniently using their mobile devices. During this beta phase, All the Our Telekom employees will have the opportunity to test the service, providing valuable feedback and helping to improve the user experience.

Not only that, Our Telekom staff will act as brand ambassadors, spreading awareness of the service and educating others on its capabilities. They will be equipped with the knowledge and resources to answer any questions related to mobile money, further promoting the service in the community.

Our Telekom is committed to bringing this service to the market, recognizing the significant economic and social impact it will have on the country. It will increase financial inclusion for underserved communities, provide more accessible financial services for all, and support the country's digital economy by facilitating online transactions and reducing the reliance on cash.

Some of the key features of our mobile money service include:

  • Convenience: Mobile money allows users to send and receive money using their mobile devices, eliminating the need for physical cash or bank visits.
  • Accessibility: The service is available to a wide range of users, including those without traditional bank accounts.
  • Security: Transactions are protected by state-of-the-art encryption, ensuring that users’ money and personal information are safe.
  • Speed: Money can be transferred instantly, allowing for real-time transactions.
  • Flexibility: The service supports multiple currencies, which enables users to send and receive money across borders.
  • Cost-effective: It eliminates the need for expensive banking infrastructure and reduces the cost of transactions.
  • User-friendly interface: The service has easy and intuitive interface that makes it easy for users to navigate and use.

Our Telekom is excited to continue working towards the launch of this innovative and impactful service and will keep you updated with more information in the coming months.

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